4 Tips for Fixing a Lamp

4 Tips for Fixing a Lamp – Often, either from misuse or simply from years, the luminaires begin to fail. It is quite uncomfortable because we are out of light at night and practically have to walk with a flashlight.

4 Tips for Fixing a Lamp
4 Tips for Fixing a Lamp

To avoid these problems, let’s give you some tips to fix it yourself:

  1.  Often we do not pay attention to this, but we must verify that the lamp is not burnt. If so, we’ll trade for another.
  2.  If we notice that the connection is bad, we tried to connect it to another socket.
  3.  If after reviewing these possibilities, we are still without light, we will have to disassemble the luminaire. Check that the connections and wires are in good condition. If by chance the thread has some irregularity, such as a rupture, we must cut it and merge it again. We must also pay attention to the switch, which may be defective.
  4.  If the problem is with a table lamp, the source of the problem is probably in the cradle. Unscrew and check that the plate is separate from the thread. We should replace the thread if there is a malfunction.

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