High Efficiency Furnaces–Least Costly Way To Heat Your Home

High Efficiency Furnaces Least Costly Way To Heat Your Home

High efficiency furnaces manufactured today will burn 30% less gas than lower rated older furnaces.This means a much lower annual cost for fuel.If you are thinking about getting a new furnace you would be well advised to get a high efficiency model since you can be sure that the cost of natural gas is going to increase considerably in the future.

The world supply of natural gas is very definitely limited, and as usage steadily increases every year, it is a logical conclusion that the price of natural gas will increase quite substantially in the future. A highly efficient furnace will certainly save big dollars on your gas bill, and over a period of years, the saving to be made will be in the thousands of dollars.

As time passes new supplies of natural gas can be found only by drilling deeper wells. This extra drilling cost adds greatly to the cost of gas production and this cost is borne ultimately by the consumer. This plainly indicates that cutting gas use is even more necessary.

Installing a new furnace costs several thousand dollars.It is wise to choose the best model, for your use, very carefully. It is also essential to choose the best contractor to install the furnace. It is best to get a firm quote prior to hiring any contractor, and if at all possible, firm quotes should be obtained from several different contractors.

Mid efficiency furnaces will convert 80% to 82% of the gas they consume into heat. High efficiency furnaces can convert 90% to 97% of their fuel into heat for the home.These figures demonstrate clearly that it is best to get the highest efficiency furnace which is available. The time to actually payout the cost of the machine depends of course on the amount of gas used. In cold climate areas more gas will be used to heat the house and payout time is proportionately shorter due to the larger fuel saving. Related: how to get smoke smell out of house

These new machines have other advantages in that they run much more quietly than the older models. They will also keep the temperature in your house at a more constant level, due to the more even heat output. It is also very important to get a furnace of the right heating capacity to heat your house properly. A highly efficient type which has a lower BTU output than that of a new mid efficient model, or that of the old appliance, will do the job very well.

If your house does not have good insulation you should make sure that this is corrected before the installation. Poor insulation, along with some spots where heat can leak from the home, need to be properly identified and corrected, if this is at all possible.

The installation cost for a new furnace depends on the amount of work required and on the materials needed for the job. High efficiency furnaces are normally vented through an exterior wall of the home, while plastic piping conducts cold air in from the outside.

A new high efficiency furnace will add much to the comfort and warmth in your house. Youir gas bill will be reduced greatly also. This is undoubtedly a very worthwhile addition to your house and will quickly pay for itself.

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