Is Your Air Bad An Air Condition Repair Visit Will Fix the Problem!

Is Your Air Bad An Air Condition Repair Visit Will Fix the Problem – When some people think about aircon repair, they typically imagine any sort of emergency when the AC system has ceased to work on a hot day. This may be the case, but often our technicians are called out to diagnose and fix another type of problems. One of the worst issues that we encounter is a degradation in the indoor air quality. This is more common than you may imagine and it can cause misery, especially for those with allergies and respiratory conditions. Let’s take a closer look at how air can be affected and how you can correct the problem

Air Quality and Older AC Systems

On a hotter summer day, the AC system in your house may be offering any relief from the blistering heat to keep the indoor temperature comfortable. However, like any piece of complex equipment, an AC system requires cleaning and maintenance to work correctly. Over time, dirt and dust particulates can gather insider your system, and you may be at risk from breathing poor quality air.

Air Contaminants in Your Home

The components in your AC system are comprised of electrical, mechanical and electronic systems. These all work together in harmony to cool your house effectively, but if the system is dirty and/or poorly maintained the AC system could be circulating poor quality air. This could be primarily dust that could exacerbate breathing problems and trigger the onset of allergic reactions. There may even be cracks or leaks in the pipes where moisture has gotten in and built up over time. These areas are perfect breeding grounds for mold to grow. Breathing in mold has been linked to a number of health conditions including allergic reactions and irritation around membranes.

Fixing the Problem

It’s vital to keep your house clean to ensure that dust and dirt don’t build up in your home. This will prevent the dust from being sucked into the AC system which will then deliver the dust throughout the home. The ducts and vents should be kept clean to remove any surface dust and mold that may have grown there. This will prevent the mold spores from being circulated in your air supply. Once per day it’s an extraordinary idea to have your windows open to get any fresh air into your home. Circulating the same stale air day after day will seriously compromise the quality of your indoor air. Finally, it’s a good idea to get your AC system cleaned and serviced at the beginning of every heating and cooling season. This will ensure that your equipment is clean and ready to use.

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