Play-doh Frequently Asked Questions


The exact formulation of the PLAY-DOH modeling mass is confidential, so we can not share it with you. But we can say that the main ingredients are water, salt and flour. It does NOT contain peanuts, peanut oil or milk derivatives. CONTAINS wheat. The PLAY-DOH modeling mass is not edible and should not be ingested.

PLAY-DOH is non-toxic, non-irritant and antiallergic, except for children who are allergic to wheat as mentioned.

Children allergic to gluten may have reactions to the product. Due to the high salt content of the mass of the PLAY-DOH model, the product, if ingested, can harm pets. The PLAY-DOH modeling mass does not require an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).

DO NOT use hot water or any cleaning agent to remove the PLAY-DOH clay. To remove the PLAY-DOH clay from fabrics and carpets, allow to dry and then wipe with a firm brush.

You may need to use a vacuum cleaner or wash with mild detergent and cold water.If necessary, repeat the process to remove the PLAY-DOH clay completely.


1. How to collect the pieces – part 1
The game is over. Some tips on how to make cleaning time fun.
Take a large piece of PLAY-DOH clay and collect all un-dried clay pieces – even on some types of carpeting – by pressing lightly and lifting.

2. How to Collect the Pieces – Part 2
Dry pieces of the PLAY-DOH clay can generally be collected from surfaces. DO NOT USE WATER AND SOAP, this will dissolve it and make it more difficult to remove.

3. How to Clean Carpets
If the PLAY-DOH clay soils the carpet, let it dry. After drying, use a firm brush to loosen the pieces and collect them with your hands or using a vacuum cleaner. DO NOT DRINK PLAY-DOH MASSAGE. DO NOT USE HOT WATER OR ANY CLEANING PRODUCT.

4. Keep the jar closed with the lid.
Store the PLAY-DOH clay in the jar with the lid closed. If left open, the PLAY-DOH will dry out after a while.

5. Take a photo … it will last longer
Your child made a work of art that you would like to keep for remembrance, but the PLAY-DOH clay will dry out and crack if left exposed. Preserve your child’s artwork by taking a picture of her. That way you can always admire it. You can also post it on the PLAY-DOH Facebook page and show it to your friends and family!

6. Encourage your child
Turn the time to clean in a play Ask your child to pick up all the blue pieces and put in a pot, then all the colored pieces and put and another pot, and so on. Sing a song while cleaning to make time pass faster. Bet race to end even faster.

Source: how to get playdough out of carpet

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