3 Tips Coloring with Color Pencils

Hello guys. All right?
Those who know me know that I love making traditional drawings and painting them with crayons. My passion began when I was still very small, and since then, the colored pencil has always been my companion.

I learned how to paint, I never took a course or anything, and so, in these years of experience, I developed some techniques of my own until painting became something natural for me.

No one will ever master the technique of painting, but one can acquire certain quality with much effort, study and dedication. How about sharing our knowledge about the art of coloring and learning different tricks together?

Tell me your tips, the brands you use, paper types, and keep reading that I’m telling you about my tricks just below.


Tips for coloring with crayons

1 // Paper
Depending on the time of year, the sheets of paper are very humid, making painting difficult. In this state, papers do not wear out the crayons so much, making you take longer to paint a certain area. Also, depending on the pressure you put on the pencil, “bellies” will form in the painted area. One trick I always use is ironing the paper with an iron. It’s great! Do this and you will feel the difference. Ah! And before I forget, I usually use the common bond paper of Chamex, those coming in reams.

2 // Surface
Always choose a smooth, hard surface for painting. There are those who like to paint on the clipboard or even on the stack of paper, but the tip here is this: always try to paint on a glass surface. Because? Because these surfaces are not rough and thus the marks of the pencil are not so evident, making the painting more homogeneous.

3 // Colored pencils
I have three colored pencil marks: Faber Castell, Prisma Color and Caran D’ache, and all three have very different characteristics. The Faber-Castell has the toughest pencil compared to the others, and take longer to wear, allows a person to control the intensity of the color, which gives less room for error. Because they have this characteristic, I always like to make the base of the skin, hair and clothes with these pencils.

The Prisma Color brand has very soft pencils, requiring little pressure to achieve darker shades. Because of this characteristic, I do not usually use them as the base skin color, for example. I use it for shadows and small details.

The Caran D’ache pencils are a case in point. They have colors that are not common here in Brazil and, because of this, I use without a criterion, taking advantage of the pigmentation as I weigh the hand. source: coloringpagebase.com

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