Top 5 Tips in Cleaning Curtains

Top 5 Tips in Cleaning Curtains

Most people use curtains to decorate their homes. They may not be able to control the light that enters a room, but they are excellent decorations that can help set the mood that you like for each room in your house. Plus, it is easier to find readymade curtains and made to measure curtains that will fit your budget. Moreover, if you can sew then you can just buy the fabric of your choice and create your own set of curtains.
Cleaning curtains may not be as easy as cleaning window blinds, but here are some tips to help you maintain them easily.

Number One: If possible, replace you curtains each week. It is best if you have at least 2 different sets of curtains so that replacing them often would be possible. If you’re living in the city where a lot of cars and other vehicles pass, it is advisable that you change them weekly. If you live in a place where there’s dust accumulates less, then you can use each set for a couple of weeks to about a month.
Number Two: Inspect your curtains after you take them down. While you are doing this, try to look which sides are dirtier. There are parts of the curtains that may collect more dirt than the others and that’s where you need to work more when cleaning them.
Number Three: Wash your curtains as soon as you take them off your windows. If you let them stay in your hamper or laundry basket longer, the dusts and dirt will stick to the fabric and you’ll have a hard time removing them.
Number Four: Do not use bleach or soaps with bleach. Bleach is only good for white clothes, but they’re not good for curtain fabrics as they make them thinner. Instead of using the washing machine, try hand washing your curtains if possible to prevent them from being damaged. Curtain fabrics are softer than clothes fabrics so they need extra care when washing them.
Number Five: After washing your curtains, hang them properly so that they won’t get damaged while they’re drying. Once dry, fold and keep the curtains in the closet and they will be ready for the next use.
Both blinds and curtains are excellent for decorating your house. If you want to learn more about how to take care of them.

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