What did the Casabella building do to have a different lobby?

The lobby can be the pretty face of a building or an indifferent face, which nobody sees. The lobby of the Casabella building is more than a pretty face.

The architect Mathieu de Genot de Nieukerken gave a more functional concept to the redesign that was made of the space at the end of 2016. The premise of building safety was developed and the idea of illuminating the lobby was developed . Formerly, explains the architect, the concept of security was to have dark lobbies.

In the Casabella it was revolutionized

The lobby has natural and artificial light. During the renovation, the whole window was changed because they were small, black and square; now the windows are floor to ceiling and transparent and others were opened towards the back and a wall was removed from the outside. Thus, the guard, from his desk, has a broad view of what happens on the sidewalk.

In natural light the artificial one was increased; Two levels of lighting were created. Warm airship LED was placed to create environments and have a second set of indirect LED hoses.

In the project, a mirror tunnel was also created between the lobby and the elevator hall so that the guard can see who enters or leaves the elevator.

They incorporated works of art in the Casabella

Once the issues of security and lighting were covered, aesthetics was conceptualized. Upon entering the building stands a giant interior circular window, which harmonizes with a work of urban art -also circular- by the artist Pablo Gamboa Santos. The table can be viewed from the DiVino location, since the circular window adjoins the lobby.

Also from one of the walls hangs a painting by David Celi, in which there is an urban lighting pole. “I see it fantastic because it talks to the street, right in front of the building there are two poles.” The painting has silver pan backgrounds, a technique used by Celi, who plays with lighting.

Mathieu’s proposal is to combine functional concepts ( safety ) with lighting, art, exclusive furniture and neutral colors. “The change increased the surplus value. Now the lobby is up to the category of departments, “says the architect. Space gives it a contemporary look and – as Mathieú stresses – with a rejuvenated face, made with an intelligent inversion of the condominium owners.

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