What is and how to apply Singapore Dependant Pass Visa!

What is and how to apply Singapore Dependant Pass Visa!

Permission to stay in Singapore Dependant Pass visa is for the spouse and unmarried children (under 21 years) of foreign employees with Employment Pass or Entrepreneur Pass and another work visas.

A separate statement on the DP must be submitted for each family member.

As long as the principal applicant is in Singapore, owner of DP has the right to live in the country, as well as to travel free and to enter Singapore without a need to apply for a visa every time. So what is dependant pass Singapore and how to get it.

Who can apply for Singapore Dependant Pass?

The spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 years (including adopted) and holders of Employment Pass, Entre Pass, PEP, or S pass are eligible to apply for Dependent Pass.

Applicant should work at well-established Singapore firm and have a salary not less than 5000 SGD per month.

There are also special requirements for entrepreneurs, such as passing the first visa renewal successfully, creation of 4 or more jobs for Singaporeans, business spending must exceed 150000 SGD. Answering the question how to apply dependant pass here is the list of requirements.

Documents required for Dependant Pass

-A copy of the passport page.

-For the spouse, an official copy of the marriage certificate;

-For a child a copy of the birth certificate;

-For adopted child, copy of adoption;

-Recent passport-size photographs;

-Educational part of the applicant, if any;

-Documents on the availability of education, if any;

-The data on wages.

-Letter of In-Principle-Approval letter;

-Passport with at least two blank pages for visas;

-Any another documents as requested, such as medical reports, embarkation / disembarkation cards, etc.

For children under 16 a parent must sign the form of DP visa of the child’s behalf.

All documents must be in English.

What else about Dependant Pass

You are allowed to work in Singapore as a DP holder (except if the holder is the owner of EP or S pass) as long as your potential employer is willing to apply for Letter of Consent (LOC).

The employer must complete a Letter of Consent Application Form and submit it to the authorities.

A child with dependant pass in Singapore can do either local or international schools in Singapore without a need to apply for a student visa.

However, if a DP holder wants to get higher education in Singapore, he need to apply for a student visa.

Permanent residence in Singapore

If you are the owner Dependent Pass, you are eligible to apply for permanent residence in Singapore together with the Employment Pass holder. If the holder of PR application is approved, PR application will be approved as well.

To sum up, remember that applying for visa is long procedure that requires particular knowledge, so the top way is to contact visa agency and leave it to them. They are professionals. source:  comoblog.info

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