What is the difference between booking a tour in Miami with the hotel concierge or directly with the Miami tours operator!

What is the difference between booking a tour in Miami with the hotel concierge or directly with the Miami tours operator!

Tours in Miami are getting very competent, it grows every day, and fresh business like groceries, hotels, rent cars, even cigars stores offers the tours all over Miami and sometimes even out of Miami too, lets say Orlando, Keywest, Palm Beach and anothers high traffic small cities where maybe the tours are not that popular, but still people can’t leave USA without visiting and touring into the heart of Florida, Miami Beach.

80% of all the tours sells occurs at a third party store like the ones mentioned above, so you would be asking yourself, why so some people interested in booking tours for tourist when it’s actually a head ache to manage a whole reservation system and accounting just for this? The answer to this question is called “commissions”, that is right, hotels, concierges, groceries, Walgreens and everybody else collects an overhead “deposit” or “reservation fee” of normally anywhere from 30% to 50% over the actual cost of the tour which they use as a commission just for booking the customer with the tour operator company.

As an example, the popular Miami city and boat tour combination sells for $39 straight up. If you try booking through a third party provider (which can be very convenient sometimes) you might end up paying up to $78.00.

Very convenient service for people that are tight on schedule and instead of researching for tour operator companies in Miami, they can just book their activities straight up with the closest place to them, these resellers can be found very friendly and helpful as tourist information’s source, as they are on the streets all day long, now they know about local buses rout, top restaurants, top parties and more.

Maybe you have heard about the famous Everglades National Reserve in Florida. But just haven’t heard the company organizes the whole activity to the Gator Park, where you can get in contact with the jungle and the river with the airboat ride and the wildlife show with the alligators. That’s when re sellers comes in handy, they are ready to fill you up with all this information and more!

One more convenience on booking at concierges and resellers is that they also work with tons of another companies, giving them the possibility of having a huge range of services that maybe one company only wont have. Giving tourists and visitors a wide range of choices like the gocar-tour and anothers.

One of the popular resellers on the beach are MiamiBeach411, MiamiDiscountTours and Miamitoursonline.

So question comes to us all day long, should you book or not through a 3rd party company or directly with the operators? The answer is very simple, if you don’t mind on spending an extra dollar, just use book it through concierge, if you mind about paying extra, you can go online http://www.halfpricetourtickets.com or visit us at 1657 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, Fl 33139 for Half price tour tickets.

List of top Miami tours operators

Half Price Tour Tickets
1657 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139 ‘ (305) 444-0707

Miami Tour Company
429 Lenox Avenue, Miami Beach, FL – (305) 260-6855

Safari Tours
1981 NE 153rd Street North Miami Beach, FL 33162 – (305) 956-9922

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