What to Wear on a Cruise Dos and Don’ts!

What to Wear on a Cruise Dos and Don’ts!

It’s curious. I’m not sure what it is. But any going on a cruise pack as if they were leading a one year expedition to Mars. Since they pack twice as much as they need most going on their first cruise do not lack for things to wear. Which clearly demonstrates they surely do not know what to wear on a cruise.

For sure it helps if you know what to expect. And if you have been on a cruise previously you’re more in the know than someone leaving the dock for the first time. In that case you know what to wear on a cruise. Or at least should know what goes and what doesn’t.

Of course for any the most exciting part of the trip is the count down to your departure date. Anticipating that and planning what to pack is more than half the fun. And if that’s you I’m not about to put a damper on your enthusiasm. It is just that there is truth to the statement ‘He who packs top packs light’.

Then too, there are those who argue since you only have to unpack once, what’s a few more things? Aside from the space they take up in your probably less-than-spacious cabin, and the extra piece of luggage or two, probably not much. But why bother when you do not have to?

Okay let’s get down to brass tacks. In case you missed the email – when packing for a cruise ‘Less Is More’.

Along the same lines you really don’t need to bring something – just in case. Should you not be certain whether or not you’ll need something, simply do not bring it. You can generally pick up anything critical to life as you know it in port. So another rule is “When in doubt leave it out” – of the suitcase.

Naturally what you will be wearing also depends on the anticipated cruise dress code. On most cruises what you’ll be expected to wear to dinner is spelled out for you. Depending on the cruise it may be formal wear each night. Or a mix of causal and formal wear. And casual could at times mean shorts – or not.

Blue jeans are usually not acceptable. They may be especially taboo in the dining room. It might be better to go with cruise-wear you can mix and match. For the gals that means tops and skirts. While mixing shirts and pants works the same for the guys.

Where you’ll be cruising also signals what to wear on a cruise. Those on a ship near Alaska won’t be dressed the same as those cruising the Mediterranean. For the former a coat with a removable liner might be smart to bring. But that’s not such a good choice in Greece. Where a light weight nylon jacket would be more appropriate.

Anyway I hope you have a better idea of what to wear on a cruise.

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