Why You Should Put Your Feet Up (The Health Benefits Of Putting Your Feet Up Regularly)!

Why You Should Put Your Feet Up (The Health Benefits Of Putting Your Feet Up Regularly)!

People often don’t realize how damaging it is to sit or even stand all day long.

Many people find that they get swollen feet and legs as a result of it. This is because sitting and standing can cause various circulation problems. Furthermore, it can cause smelly feet and athlete’s foot. Walking is highly beneficial to prevent this, but putting your feet up is just as important to have healthy feet and legs.

You only need to put your feet up for 10 minutes every day to find real relief. You need to put your feet at a height of at least 6 inches above your heart level.

If you were to raise the foot end of your bed, you could also achieve this in your sleep.

Support stockings can also be very beneficial. Since the release of no show socks, these aren’t as unsightly anymore. Loafer socks, for instance, are capable to help prevent lymphodema.

We must look after our arteries, veins and lymphatic system in order to have healthy circulation. If the lymphatic system becomes blocked or is anotherwise poorly developed, this can cause swelling in the legs. This can be treated with footies, compression socks and pumps. However, at times, surgery may be the only solution.

If you notice that you get swollen legs, particularly on one side only, seek medical advice and start wearing toms.

You should also put your feet up if you sit for a long time. Do also make sure you have comfortable footwear, such as, boat shoes. This will also prevent smelly shoes. Do also make sure that your position is ergonomically smart when you sit. This is necessary to protect your veins. You should notice that putting your feet up feels good immediately. You will feel more rested and relaxed and the pressure on your feet will be reduced. Your lymphatic system will kick in immediately and your blood will flow much better. This has benefits for your entire body. If you are lucky enough to have a partner, you could ask him or her to give you a nice foot massage as well. This is really the ultimate in relaxation.

The important thing is to realize that putting your feet up is not a sign of laziness. You are simply caring for your feet and entire body. Hence, focusing on what supports your feet all day long – your socks and shoes – is also very important. The health benefits of this really cannot be denied.

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